Concept Art


Illustrator, creator and storyteller. My mind has always been a hotbed of imagination. I am invaded by the desire to express concepts that visit me through consciousness.

The way in which I perceive reality is closely linked to the observation of nature. Bringing an idea to life is, for me, a process of alchemy that never ends and always transforms me.

Symbolism is one of the most intimate characteristics of my style

I grew up amidst the fog of the Arcade videogames rooms. Animated series in the 80s were the soundtrack of the evenings spent drawing with my brother.

Carlos Morán, Granollers (Barcelona), 1982

Starting to work in animation studios at an early age was a turning point in my life. Thanks to this early experience I had time to immerse myself deeply in several areas of this artistic discipline. Strongly motivated, I started experimenting in studios outside of my environment: Sevilla, Palermo and Berlin, the city where I turned to developing concept art. These experiences had a profound impact, leading me to start up personal projects, set up a studio and create my own brand.

After this adventure, I decided to dedicate my life to comic creation and illustration.
My inspiration and most personal project is es Gustav, with him I have managed to mould my inner worlds and put everything to the test that I have learned over the years.

As an illustrator, narrator, graphic novel author and concept artist, I try to adapt a wide range of techniques to different formats. It is a process that consists of needs analysis, thumbnail sketches, colour versions and taking care of the final delivery in order to generate unique projects.

In addition, I work in exhibitions for different international markets, illustrations for clients of the computer and industrial sector, among others.

Narrating through comic-art is something magical, it thrills the audience thanks to its infinite possibilities, the drawings become stories and the characters exhale fears, joys and sadness. This is the origin of my passion for what I do. With painting, I have a very emotional relationship. I started studying oil painting due to my necessity to experiment with traditional techniques that could help me take new paths in comics and illustration. I have a special fondness of symbolic painting, romanticism and mysticism. I have always felt a connection to William Turner, Friedrich, Francisco de Goya, Mariano Fortuny, Joaquin Sorolla, Gustavo Doré and Arnold Böcklin. I give drawing and painting classes in private and public schools. My pedagogy is based on intuition, poetry and the ability to suggest.