Illustrator in Barcelona

Comic book, graphic novel & concept art

In all these years of dedication to illustration and drawing, my goal as an illustrator that works his way through the Spanish and international comic is the visualization of ideas, their concretion. I try to give them a personalized form that adapts to comic, comic book in the United States, graphic novel or concept art. The presence of symbolism as an artistic current throughout the course of history is one of the most intimate characteristics of my style.
The techniques I use are varied. They are a challenge as a multiplatform illustrator, and add more flexibility for the customer when they choose my work to develop their projects.


My process working as an illustrator

During the illustration process, I analyze needs, plan the designs and make the sketches in Thumbnail to give the customer more time to choose. Once approved, I develop it and make a clean version in color, depending on the required technique. The final outcome are unique illustrations.
I also offer advice and feedback throughout the graphic development of the illustration and its narrative, based on the project’s character.


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¿Do you have an idea or a project?

I invite you to explain your concerns, thoughts and objectives. Together we can discuss your ideas for the project and then visualise it, giving it the most appropriate and personalised form necessary, using the most appropriate medium, format and techniques that best suit your project.


The comic goes far beyond drawing. It’s all dynamism, body language. It is about creating rich and credible worlds, varied and attractive characters. Converting the vignettes into stories is the essence of this narrative art. I like to face new challenges, challenge techniques and finishes that allow me to step out of my comfort zone.

Concept Art

In this discipline I normally employ more classic techniques such as watercolors, gouache, acrylics and oil. These materials take me on a journey from the most abstract stain to the most concrete form. According to the chosen process, I focus on the idea and come up with novel results, original for both myself and the client.


With illustration we can give shape to a real object and transform it into a symbolic and emotional element, giving it a background that only exists in the spectator’s mind. It gives us the possibility to communicate messages through new forms. I love illustrating, from novels and stories to disk covers.