Gustav ‘Sincronías del Destino’

Gustav is a personal project of mine and the first comic designed to be published on an international level.

It is a story of my own creation, of which I have been both the scriptwriter and illustrator. I have to say that I have put myself to the test in many facets of my artistic life.

The relationship between the story and the music in this comic was one of my obsessions. It was all about immersing the viewer in the melody through the images.

In the narrative I was inspired by the work of the musician and composer Jordi Savall, the creator of so many wonderful pieces of work that have breathed life into many days of my own projects. It is not surprising to see the resemblance between the members of his orchestra and the phantasmagorical musicians who exist in my story.

In ‘Sincronías del Destino’, the illuminating portrait of an unknown soldier Gustav Doré is integrated along with the stories of Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, especially ‘El miserere’.

To complete the triad of synchronicities, Carl Gustav Jung appears. For this psychoanalyst, the story includes the world of altered states of consciousness and dreams.

I also enjoy creating the storyboards a lot. I like to work in a small format because this where I can visualise the dynamism of the page. I remember even making a note, below the date of each storyboard, of the song and the author that I was listening to at that moment.
Many of these notes included Jordi Savall with other names like Bach, Mozart, Metallica and Opeth being amongst others.