In one of my most important trips, to Scotland, which was almost initiatory, I created the tribute series to the Highlands. Again, I invoked the strength of William Turner and Friedrich. I went there with the aim of spending two months dedicated to painting, without having previously faced the technique of watercolour in plain air. It was really cold. I lost myself completely alone among those immense mountains. While the rain moistened the leaf, I saw through it the colours that came to capture the clouds and the different atmospheres of the place. I could not share those experiences until I got to the city. Whenever I can, I am passionate about painting on the street, in architectural spaces of interest, in parks, ruins, inhospitable places and in nature. I let myself be embraced by the forgotten urban environments and I create abandoned, dirty scenes, things that nobody usually fixes on. I also have a romantic look at the current world. The result, at least for me, is that decadent beauty of the outskirts.